Planning for the Best Wedding Prep Photos

When planning your Wedding day, a very important part to consider is the preparations. If you’ve been a part of a Wedding party before you’d know that some of the best photos come from the preparations. As the Wedding prep photos are taken prior to the ceremony, this often includes photos of the bridal party getting ready and the grooms party getting ready.

The Wedding preparations are a perfect time for candid and fun pics of the girls getting their make up done or the grooms party enjoying a nice scotch together. There are also many love-filled and precious moments to be captured. Some of these moments I’m talking about might include: the moment the bride steps into her wedding dress, the first look by Dad, a Mother helping her son get ready for his big day, a proud Grandma moment seeing her Grandson all dressed up. The list goes on!

Every wedding day preparation is unique. As a photographer who has captured many Weddings, I can say that I know a thing or two about getting the most out of your Wedding prep photos. So here are some tips on how to get the best Wedding Preparation Photos.


A really important factor to consider when choosing your preparation location is ensuring that the place has plenty of natural light shining through. As an experienced Wedding photographer, I can tell you that one of the most important keys to having great looking photos is the lighting. When choosing a spot for your preparation photos it is important to choose somewhere that is a nice open space. Large floor to ceiling windows is a plus and also an environment that is not cluttered. Choosing a location that not only looks gorgeous but also has beautiful light shining through is a recipe for incredible looking prep photos. If you’re after a moody vibe, picking a room with less natural light will help to achieve that look.


It is a great idea to have all the details you want captured ready to go before your photographer arrives. It’s easy to have these items ready to go from a few nights before, allowing you to enjoy your morning of preparations stress free. As your Wedding photographer, I can also supply you with a “details checklist” to help you with making sure you have all the important items ready to go.

For the bride, you might want to have your wedding jewellery, perfume, invite, dress (or dresses!), shoes and anything else you’d like to include laid out and ready to go. For the groom’s party, have that suit ready, shoes out, cufflinks, ties/bow ties, belts, rings and anything else out ready to go on the bed side table for example. Having these items ready just eliminates any stress of having to get things together last minute whilst there is already enough going on!

Get rid of any distractions (Mobile phones, TV’s etc)

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with mum snapping a few pics of you getting your make up done, there is nothing worse than everyone in the room being glued to their IPhone’s or watching the news on the tele. It is difficult for any photographer to get great candid photos if everyone is staring at their phones or not being present in the moment. Prior to the Wedding day it’s not a bad idea to ask your bridal party to stay off their phones during the preparations. Have a playlist ready to go for the day, let the great tunes play out in the back, chat with your nearest and dearest and just be present. You’ll find that everyone will connect more and many great memories will happen naturally without the distraction of Instagram notifications.

Keep the space Clean!

The photos always turn out looking cleaner & nicer when there is less clutter in the background. To get the best preparation photos try to keep your getting ready space tidy. I don’t think anyone wants messy clothes, an unmade bed or any clutter in the background of their photos. As your photographer, I will always be looking for the best angle and perspective to capture great images. If you are getting ready at a serviced hotel or apartment this makes your life super easy, just ask housekeeping to have the room cleaned before the photographer arrives.

Make sure everyone knows what time to arrive for the Wedding Photos

When creating a timeline for your Wedding day it is important to also coordinate the timing with everyone involved. This means telling the bridal party and the hair and makeup artists the exact time they need to arrive. It’s best to have an estimate on how long the hair & makeup will take so that you can factor this into the prep timeline. It becomes a big challenge to take the best wedding prep photos if some of the party are missing or the makeup artist is running 30 minutes late. You can read more about creating a Wedding Day Timeline here.

Be present, have fun and enjoy yourself

If you’ve been a part of a bridal/groom’s party before you know that sometimes it can turn into a stressful part of the day. It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting the little things get to you. You may not have slept too well, one of your suppliers is running late or even your family is getting all up in your grill. It is important to be mentally prepared for things to not go 100% according to plan because after all no matter how well things are planned, sometimes life just happens.

Here are a few tips to reduce the stress of your preparations:

  • Plan to finish your hair and makeup earlier than you might need to. This way if things do run behind you’ll essentially still be on schedule.
  • Prepare yourself for things not going exactly to plan. It is important to remind yourself that if something unexpected happens that it’s not the end of the world. Just remember the reason behind your wedding day, it’s that you and your partner are getting married. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most!

You deserve the absolute best. That’s why I want to make sure I am the right choice for you.

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