Elope / Micro Wedding or should I just postpone?

Has Covid-19 ruined your Wedding Plans? Due to the uncertainty of the ways things are in Melbourne a lot of couples have been questioning whether they should postpone their wedding or elope. All these new rules from Covid-19 have made it really tough to have a large wedding & to even plan for when this may be possible. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get married anymore, it just means that there might be a few compromises that need to be made. These compromises can also turn out to be positives (you can read about 3 myths surrounding Elopements here). It is so important to remember that your wedding is about you & your partner. That’s why an Elopement or Micro Wedding can be so much more amazing than you might initially think. Covid can’t stop you from saying “I do” or to have a true connection on your wedding day.

A common misconception surrounding Elopements is that you can’t have an amazing day. This is just plain FALSE!

Your Covid-19 Wedding Plans can still meet your dream expectations. Micro Weddings & Elopements provide endless opportunities. They allow you to dedicate more time to your couples portraits without having to worry about where you need to be next. Elopements allow you to just be present and enjoy each moment and to pick the location of your dreams (this also means epic photos!). This means less stress to get back to the venue on time, it gives you the opportunity to slow down & take in your surroundings, an opportunity to feel those raw emotions. After all, this day is about you & your partner.