When I first came across “Cactus Country” on instagram,  I always said to myself “i’d love to photograph a Cactus Country Wedding. Even though this photoshoot wasn’t a Wedding I was still just beyond excited. I knew this would be the perfect spot for these lovebirds. I have known Michael and Chan for a while now, and when they asked if I could take photos of them I knew the 4 hour drive to Cactus Country would be worth it!
When we first arrived I realised that i’d be not only photographing the two of them but also their cute fur baby Chester (named after the singer from Linkin Park). I’m a huge animal lover so this just made the shoot even more exciting! At first we just explored through the Cactus Country gardens and took some time to take it all in. It’s one of those places that engulfs you with a feeling you can’t really describe. If you haven’t been to Cactus Country before, I highly suggest you check it out (You won’t regret it).
Once we got a vibe for the place and got chatting the moments just starting flowing out. We had so much fun taking family portraits with Chester, zig-zagging through the spiky Cactus’s and talking about amazing memories that Michael & Chan share.
Although it was overcast for most of the photoshoot and we thought we were going to miss out on the sunset, the clouds cleared just in time to give us some of that amazing golden light. Needless to say regardless of the weather conditions there was no stopping Michael and Chan from showing just how much they love and adore each other, i’ll let the photos below speak for themselves!
Fingers crossed to Michael and Chan having a Cactus Country Wedding, wouldn’t that be awesome. If you’d like to have your Wedding or engagement photos at Cactus Country, get in touch here.