Have you been considering an Elopement or a Micro Wedding?

I’d imagine that answer is yes since you’re here! Micro Weddings and Elopements are intimate and deeply personal. They allow the day to truly represent the love you share. Here are 3 (of the many) myths about Elopements that I often get asked about. Hopefully they will give you some clarification!


The first time I was told about what an elopement was, I was always hearing about those secretive Weddings. The ones where the couple runs away and gets married with no one knowing. I’m sure you know the ones where Elvis is the celebrant and after many drinks the couple can barely remember what really happened. Now I know this all sounds so movie cliche, but you can’t tell me you never thought the same! It’s totally natural that this picture of what an “elopement” is comes to mind first. That’s because that well and truly was what an elopement was. Now that meaning has been changed and the rules have been truly bent to form many different iterations of Elopements.

Well then, what exactly is an elopement in 2020 you ask. That’s a good question, by definition it hasn’t changed but here is my take on it:

An elopement is an intimate wedding experience. Elopements are created to truly focus on the couple and the important aspects of their Wedding day. An elopement is designed to be absolutely anything the couple want’s it to be. Elopements are generally held with 20 people or less and can be at any location of your choice (with permission of course).

So, now that we have a good idea of what an Elopement might look like lets delve into three common myths that surround them.

3 Myths around Elopements/Intimate Weddings:

Myth #1: I won’t be able to have the wedding I always dreamed of if I have an elopement.

The Reality: Whilst their may be some compromises that need to be made, having an elopement still allows you to get married to your partner now. You can then have a big celebration & include all things you wanted at your dream wedding once the Covid-19 restrictions are over. You also get to put on your stunning wedding dress again, how exciting is that!

Myth 2: Elopements are not romantic

The Reality: Elopements are intimate and deeply personal, allowing the day to truly represent the love you share. Whilst Elopements can take place in a courthouse they can also be held anywhere you would like. That’s what makes an elopement so unique & bespoke to you. The possibilities are endless. You can be free to choose somewhere that you connect with or somewhere that is truly important to you. Just imagine the middle of a forest, a secluded beach, a cliff top… anywhere you can dream up!

Myth 3: Elopements are only for 2 people

The Reality: Whilst this can be the case and the good old dictionary says Eloping is “an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married” – in recent times this is not really the case. Elopements have evolved into what some people call “micro weddings” or “intimate weddings”, where it is not only just the couple but, also a small selection of your nearest and dearest. There are no rules here, it’s your day. If you decide to have an Elopement & want some of you’re favourite people there to witness the ceremony of your love, so be it!

Considering having an Elopement or Micro Wedding in 2020? Get in touch here, i’d love to know about your love story.